Health Care Services


It’s an old saying that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Today our eating habits, living standards and daily routine are so haphazard that it’s highly unlikely that we possess a healthy body. This is exactly the reason why we find so many people especially in the urban areas of the society are running towards all sort of treatments, remedies or therapies in search of perfect health. However such quick fix measures will not help them achieve a long lasting solution to their health problems.

What is essentially required is a holistic change in lifestyle which brings an intrinsic transformation in our health. Rawatpura Ashram keeps organizing multiple programs with the primary focus on improving the health of people as well as to create awareness on principles of healthy living. With the blessings of Maharaj shri, multiple primary healthcare centers have been opened; numerous medical camps and blood donation drives have been organized. A new blood bank and pathology (Bilasa Pathology) has recently been opened in Bilaspur, Chattisgarh. Trust has also provided medical emergency ambulance at minimal cost in multiple regions of UP, MP, Chattisgarh and West Bengal states.

In future Trust has planned to open a super specialty 600 bed hospital which will provide treatment to needy and underprivileged sections of the society.

Ayurvedic Institute & Reseach Center (Proposed) Very soon under the aegis of rawatpura sarkar education institute, an Ayurvedic Institute will be opened to provide treatment based on naturotherapy and ayurvedic concepts of medicine. The institute will also focus on spreading awareness regarding life saving qualities of natural remedies among the masses.

Seva is a difficult act because it requires one to sacrifice personal ambitions, forego desires of personal gains yet perform the task on hand with utmost passion and dedication, only then it qualifies as a true act of selfless service. One cannot be a master of his own destiny or of others unless he has performed such acts of service.

The inherent quality of nature is in giving. An act of giving has an immediate cause and effect relationship with the feeling of expansiveness that comes along with it; it subtly works on your ego to destroy it completely and fills you with powerful energies that propels you to perform selfless deeds with compassion.

Maharaj shri says that no one in this world is a king or a master, every one of us is a servant and the very reason of our existence is to perform selfless acts. A sevak (individual who does seva) should never feel an iota of pride for his sacrifices but should do each act as an inspiration from the supreme consciousness which controls and directs all of us in our search of everlasting happiness.