As Maharaj shri has emphasized “Service is not simply a matter of monetary help, whatever you are capable of and in whatever way you deem fit you can render your support to me”. At SRLKT, the focus is on volunteerism which covers every aspect of work that would help us to further our mission and its goals that have been set forth by Maharaj shri. Starting from contribution of physical work for constructing ashrams, administrative & financial management of ashrams, its day to day activities and finances, organizing events and programs for religious, spiritual and social causes.

We are always in need able minds and bodies who believe in higher values and are in search for a deeper meaning to their lives.

Maharaj shri says, “Every person should offer at least 7 days of selfless service in a year towards any activity of the Trust that is of his or her interest”

If you would like to know more about Maharaj shri, his mission, and his work and would like to contribute to the activities of the Trust, please contact: