Tum Rakchhak Kahu Ko Darna

Melodious songs on maharaj shri’s divine playfulness during childhood




Prarthna is an effortless expression that represents the intensity of devotion rising from the depths of one’ soul. It is not a mere recital from a holy book which we keep repeating like a parrot. Act of Prayer destroys the negative qualities of mind, and automatically brings simplicity of thoughts and feeling of compassion.

Guru Mahima

Audio CD “Music is a divine art, to be used not only for pleasure but as a path to God-realization,” Listening to chants and prayers imbues the heart with deep spiritual peace and an awareness of the Divine Presence. Contents include: Prize- Digitally remastered, this CD is a combination of the two cassettes: Chants and Prayers and Songs of My Heart, along with a new selection, Divine Mother’s Song to the Devotee.

Aashirvachan Part – 1

Faith is the fundamental mantra of universe. It’s through faith that you will be able to go beyond the ignorance of mind to receive divine grace of sages and build a positive character.

Aashirvachan Part – 2

If an individual wants to rise above his thoughts then he should have complete trust, faith, devotion and dedication towards his beloved. This is the key to finding a higher ground and depth of human nature.

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Aashirvachan Part – 3

One should always have unwavering trust and faith in his sadguru because the relation between a disciple and his guru is not of the human body rather its soul.

Aashirvachan Part – 4

The word society in itself stands for a civilized and intellectual mass of people who simply need direction but those individuals who stay outside the boundaries of civilization are in dire need of development.