Kamdhenu Gausala


Kamdhenu Gaushala was personally begun by His Divine Grace Anant Shri Vibhushit Shri Maharaj Ji in 1997 with ten milking Cows, but nowadays it has grown more than 250 Cows, Bulls and Calves. Their number is growing every year. Small baby calves will soon grow into bulls and mothers, and their needs will also increase. As they grow and produce more milk for the benefit of human consumers, it is important to provide them more nourishment and care. Secondly, this project aims to educate more devotees and the people in general on the importance of Go-Seva. Our “mothers” have been taking care of us for so many years; this is now the right time to return that kindness.

The Kamdhenu Goshala spends Rs. 18.00 Lakhs per year for maintaining the Cows. It takes up to Rs. 1,100/- per month, per Cow. Sponsor Krishna’s cows in Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Dham, Gwalior or Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Ashram,Raipur, C.G. and obtain boundless mercy! Every month you can donate some little amount of money which is affordable by you and make Go-Seva a life time service to Krishna Balaram’s Cows.

The significance of Seva has given credence to the wisdom of saints over ordinary intellectuals, highlighted the profile of statesman over a mere politician and raised the stature of an entrepreneur who offers sustainable employment to the masses over traders.

Seva is the quintessential residue of teaching of dharma. There is a faint possibility that other paths of yoga might not lead an individual to his goal however an act of seva performed with utmost faith and patience would definitely lead him to liberation.

Seva is a difficult act because it requires one to sacrifice personal ambitions, forego desires of personal gains yet perform the task on hand with utmost passion and dedication, only then it qualifies as a true act of selfless service. One cannot be a master of his own destiny or of others unless he has performed such acts of service.

The inherent quality of nature is in giving. An act of giving has an immediate cause and effect relationship with the feeling of expansiveness that comes along with it; it subtly works on your ego to destroy it completely and fills you with powerful energies that propels you to perform selfless deeds with compassion.

Maharaj shri says that no one in this world is a king or a master, every one of us is a servant and the very reason of our existence is to perform selfless acts. A sevak (individual who does seva) should never feel an iota of pride for his sacrifices but should do each act as an inspiration from the supreme consciousness which controls and directs all of us in our search of everlasting happiness.