Social Services


The word society in itself stands for a civilized and intellectual mass of people who simply need direction but those individuals who stay outside the boundaries of civilization are in dire need of development. This is an important subject that requires your utmost attention. Therefore today we are in need of intellectuals who can revitalize the true meaning of the word global village by broadening their horizon to include all the sections of the society and those outside into one big family.

Therefore be a conduit in God’s work just like me. All of you can provide support in completing the tasks that have been ordained onto us as per God’s wishes. Support is not simply a matter of monetary help, whatever you are capable of and in whatever way you deem fit you can render your support to me. Nothing is impossible for me but I have to connect you to me as well as to the humanity hence you should ensure the deliverance of these humanitarian acts. With complete faith and knowledge of past, surrender yourself to me and I will take care of the rest.

Old People’s Home: Helpless old people who don’t have any one to support them in their old age can stay in these homes which provide all the basic necessities along with medical treatment in a respectable environment.

Shelter and education for tribal, poor, homeless kids with the focus on improving their future and to give them their rightful place in the society.